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Affordable Cables & Quick Delivery

At CablesNThings, LLC, we are proud to offer quick delivery for the cables and components you need to get your network up and running. We offer a variety of cables for you to choose from and can even provide custom cable assemblies that are assembled in-house and shipped directly to you when you need them.

Our services also extend beyond commercial cable assemblies to home automation components. We'll help you get your home stereo, surround sound, high-definition TV, or other multimedia applications hooked up with the right cables and assemblies to maximize your home viewing or listening experience. Make sure your home or office is connected correctly with CablesNThings custom cable assemblies.


We offer several different styles of cables, including CAT 5, CAT 6, octopus, and ethernet cables. Our cables are always durable and long-lasting, priced competitively, and will be delivered quickly. Additionally, you can count on the quality of our cables because we offer a 100% quality guarantee. You can select the cable length you prefer, up to 50 ft., for any of these cables. Reach out to us for pricing or for information on custom cable length or custom assemblies.

Fiber Optic Cables

If you need fiber optic cables for computer components, you'll enjoy our selection. We can provide a variety of fiber optic cable options in multiple configurations and at standard length. Our prices are competitive, and we can provide same-day shipping and quick delivery. These cables are long-lasting, and we also provide a 100% warranty on product quality. Reach out to us for pricing.

• Sizes: 3 Meters, 5 Meters, 10 Meters, and 15 Meters
• Configurations: ST to ST; SC to SC; LC to LC; and Other Configurations Available

Home Automation Cables

For home automation, we also offer HDMI, smart, multimedia, RGB, and siamese cables, as well as speaker wire, mostly in custom sizes. While many of these cables are essential for residential hookup of stereo systems, surround sound, high-definition TVs, and other multimedia applications, they're often not provided with original equipment purchase. Reach out to us for a consultation on home automation. We're knowledgeable about a variety of applications and products, and we're dedicated to quick response and product delivery.

Ethernet Connections

Security Cables

Our security-minded customers will be happy to know that our capabilities also include work with CCTV applications, home security cables, first alarm applications, key card cables, and siamese cables. Cables for many of these applications are custom. Bulk orders are available, so ask us about pricing. We will respond quickly to any requests for information, and all of our products come with a 100% functionality guarantee. We even offer security cameras. Reach out to us for information about our competitive pricing and fast delivery.